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Choose from a treatment option below, or give us a call - we will help you decide which treatment is best for you and your specific needs!

Acupuncture Tools


Acupuncture is a medical treatment primarily using the insertion of tiny needles into the body at certain points to balance the interconnection of your mind-body health. Colleen practices both Chinese and Japanese treatment styles, picking the right one for you and combining them when appropriate.  Needle Shy? Acupressure utilizes the same point system with pressure applied with the hands or rounded blunt tools instead of needles.

Most commonly used to treat; acute or chronic pain, new or lingering illness, stress/anxiety/depression and emotional discomforts, hormonal imbalance, headache/migraine and sleep and digestive disorders - though Acupuncture is known to be effective in treating over 200+ conditions!

Acupuncture leaves patients feeling relaxed and renewed. Over Matter offers appointments in our office or home-visits.


Cosmetic - or - Facial Acupuncture appointments are specialized treatments that focus on the functional and aesthetic condition of the patient, focusing on the face.


Both safe and minimally invasive, Cosmetic Acupuncture is an all natural and sustainable way to look and feel your best without toxins, chemicals, surgeries or recovery time. 


Treatments and aim to stimulate blood flow and to balance the body's Qi and hormones with the goal of; improved skin tone, reduced lines and wrinkles, boosted blood flow, a healthier complexion, increased collagen production, decreased dark spots and age related discoloration, draining puffiness and lifting sagging muscles. Facial acupuncture is also tremendously helpful for medical conditions affecting the look and function of muscles and nerves in and around the face and scalp such as Bell's Palsy.

Treatments are recommended as a series for best results.


Micro and Nano-needling treatments combat fine lines and wrinkles, acne and scarring, hyperpigmentation or discoloration such as sun damage or "liver spots". Treatments boost elasticity, and addresses skin concerns by smoothing texture and leaving your skin glowing by triggering your body’s self-rejuvenation process. Treatments can be given on most areas of the body.

Needling stimulates collagen production in the skin by safely infusing active ingredients from your serum through tiny nano-channels, allowing up to 97% product absorption, and kick starts your bodies production of new skin cells, collagen and elastin. Multiple treatments are typically required (though improvements may be noticed after just one) and results can last up to 5 years! 

Depth of penetration is the largest difference between the types of treatments - we will help you decide which is best for your needs.

Cupping Therapy
yoga acu.jpeg


Cupping and Gua Sha therapy uses cups to pull an area of skin into it like a vacuum or a blunt edge tool to push in and drag over the skin and muscles.


These modalities decompress muscles and connective tissue, bring fresh blood circulation to the area and help drain lymphatic fluids. 

Both are effective in treating the body for ailments such as viruses & infections (cold/flu), pain, swelling or engorgement, menstrual symptoms, migraines, hot flashes and fevers, muscle tension & more. 


Patients will receive a relaxation needling protocol designed to either induce a state of calmness and zen or a series of points designed to balance the "chakra system".


Needles are placed at locations known to calm the sympathetic nervous system, induce "Happy Hormone" production, create a sense of peace and smooth out ones stress responses.


We'll play soothing music, pamper you with an eye mask and keep the table temp where you like it .It may be the best 30 min nap you'll ever have!


Group services can be held in any space you choose. From your home servicing your friends for an "acu-party" and evening of relaxation, in your Yoga Studio to round out a soothing practice for your members, even in your office space providing much needed stress reduction for your hard working employees and co-workers.

You bring the group, we bring the Zen!

Acupuncture points are predetermined based on group needs, and individualized care is provided per person as needed. 

Additional Services
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