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Patient confidentiality is held to the highest standards in our offices and maintained at all times. This is mandated by State and Federal law, and taken very seriously by our team. For this reason, please do not email or text any PHI (protected health information) to our staff unless received through a protected network. Please speak softly while in our offices when discussing personal matters, and give other patients space when at our front desks. 

Written permission is required before patient information can be shared with specific professional(s) and or person(s). If you wish to obtain a copy of any PHI, a verbal request and written consent form must be obtained. Hard copies are subject to reasonable processing fees.


All payments are due in full at the time of service. Over Mater accepts all major credit cards, FSA and HSA cards as well as cash payments (please note that with at-home treatment, change may not be available).

We do not accept personal checks at New Patient Appointments, however, you may use them as your form of payment at any follow-up. 

Charge cards may be stored on file for easy payments at a patient's request.

Any bounced or returned checks will be charged a $25.00 fee. 

In order to process insurance claims, a $15.00 fee will be added to all billable services and is the responsibility of the patient at time of service.


All of our appointments require at least 24 hours if you wish to cancel or reschedule. Any appointment that is canceled or rescheduled within that 24-hour period will be charged a late cancellation fee of 30% of the original appointment service cost.

No Show appointments - those which are missed without a prior cancellation or rescheduling, will be subject to a charge of 50% of the original appointment service cost.


We promise your phone will still be there when you're done with your treatment - When you're on the table, this is your time to relax and unplug, and it is important that you do so. The more relaxed you are, the better your treatment will work. Please leave all distracting devices turned off and put away.

Your Practitioner may give you take-home information, dietary or movement recommendations, and or follow-up advice to improve and speed your healing. It is your choice to follow their suggestions and stick to any routine or schedule recommended by the office, though we highly recommend it to help you on your path towards healing faster.

While Traditional Chinese medicine has a great deal to offer as a healthcare system, it cannot completely replace the resources available through conventional Western medical practices. Over Matter highly recommends seeking regular checks ups with your PCP and receiving a western diagnosis for any complicated matter so we can best decide together how to approach your case.

Always dial 911 in the event you are experiencing an emergency. 


This is a ZERO judgment space.

You are accepted here regardless of who you are, what you do, whom you love, or how you feel inside or out. 

It is important however to please let your Acupuncturist know if you are engaging in any actions or activities that will slow or harm your healing. We may wish to change our process, shift gears on your treatments, or connect with another office that may collaborate with us or that can better suit your needs. We take our job to help you very seriously.

We agree to be honest with you, please be honest with us.

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