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We Believe...

Health and Balance depend upon the understanding that no system within your body works independently. Body and Mind operate in tandem, and rely on each other to work properly. Our physical health reflects our mental health and vice-versa.


At Over Matter Acupuncture, we believe that health and wellness come from a balance of the mind, body and soul. We strive to provide the best in individualized care and attention for each of our patients. Our team is knowledgeable and experienced in the ancient arts and sciences of traditional and modern health care systems and medical practices, combining new and old techniques to suit the needs of every person we see. We strive to help each patient feel and look their best - Inside and out, top to bottom!

We understand that each patient is unique and deserves to be treated as such. In our offices you are not a condition, a statistic from a textbook or a number on a file, but an individual representing the whole that is you. Our goal is to help you find your balance and to aid you in achieving all of your health and wellness goals.


You deserve to feel well  


Welcome to Over Matter!


About Our Practitioner: 
My name is Colleen, Owner and Chief Acupuncturist at Over Matter Acupuncture.
I'm a Licensed, Board Certified Acupuncturist with a Masters in both Chinese and Japanese Acupuncture from the Massachusetts College of Pharmacy and Health Sciences and am an Advanced Certified Facial and Cosmetic Rejuvenation Acupuncture Practitioner.
I am a National Diplomat of Acupuncture through the NCCAOM and a member of the American Society of Acupuncture. I have treatment experience in a variety of clinical settings ranging from small town private practices to huge hospitals, including the renowned Boston Medical Center.​

It would be my pleasure to answer any questions you may have about myself, my practice, or Traditional Chinese Medicine in general. So, if you're newly "feeling off," battling chronic issues, curious about TCM therapies, wishing to look and feel your best, or simply wanting to keep yourself in balance, I'm thankful you've chosen to visit and learn about Over Matter.
It would truly be an honor to join you on your journey to optimal health.

- Colleen

North Carolina License #2100
South Carolina License #ACUP375 
NCCAOM Diplomat #845127

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